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Create the catalog of your movie collection or track the movies you’ve watched with All My Movies program. It doesn’t require much time, as you may think, because All My Movies will do almost anything for you. Automagically!

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  • Version: 1.3

    If you own the VX-7R transceiver, which is the first amateur handheld to be submersible, you may wish to modify it to enable transmission on MARS and CAPS frequencies. You can do this in two ways...

  • Version: 3.2

    SpectraVue is a Windows based program that takes digitized signal data from a variety of sources and displays the frequency domain spectrum on the PC screen.SpectraVue takes as input sources...

  • Version: 1.8

    InterACE is a program to enable Radio Amateurs to exchange digital SSTV pictures over the Internet, using the default high quality 512 by 384 images sent using a new high compression rate coder...

  • Version: 1.5

    Prism has a very short learning curve, and within a few days you'll be proficient enough to fend for yourself. Unlike other BI vendors, our business is not built on forcing customers into expensive...

  • Version: 3.3

    HTML Guard lets you encrypt the source code of your web pages and restrict browser functions to prevent unauthorized copying of your contents. All pages protected by HTML Guard retain...

  • Version: 1.8

    UltraSnap is a screen-capture utility for Windows platforms. The application has been around for ages and was originally not released to the public. However, the developers saw the need for...

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